Our paper in Hydrological Processes

Our paper (invited commentary) about the HyperHydro network is published in Hydrological Processes.

Bierkens, M. F. P., Bell, V., Burek, P., Chaney, N. W., Condon, L., Cédric, D., de Roo, A., Döll, P., Drost, N., Famiglietti, J. S., Flörke, M., Gochis, D., Houser, P., Hut, R. W., Keune, J., Kollet, S., Maxwell, R., Reager, J. T., Samaniego, L., Sudicky, E., Sutanudjaja, E. H., van de Giesen, N., Winsemius, H. C., and Wood, E. F.: Hyper-resolution global hydrological modeling: what’s next, Hydrol. Process., 29, 310–320, 2014.


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